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Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance With Dragons release date

March 14th, 2011 No comments

This is sort of unbelievable but it really did happen. On 3rd of March George R.R. Martin posted in his blog that the fifth book of Song of Ice and Fire series named “A Dance with Dragons” is going to be in the bookstores on 12th of July 2011. You can preorder the book on amazon by clicking the button on the left.

Mr. Martin is still in the process of finalizing the book but promises that this date is not a release date like most of the previous given dates were ( he missed them by several years :) ) but it’s a rather real and final date. Completing this book took 6 years and it’s going to be the longest of the series’s. Its manuscript is 30 pages longer than Storm of Sword’s one.

Also let me remind you that the first book of the cycle was published in 1996 and knowing that the 4th and 5th books have taken accordingly five and six years to finish we can assume that we’ll see the final 7th book in 10 years. And that’s pretty optimistic cause there’s a chance that we’ll get an 8th book cause the plot won’t fit in 7. I know that Song of Ice and Fire is one of the best or even the single best book of the gender and that writing it the way it is requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. So I understand why we, readers, can’t be having a book a year in this case. But still I hope we’ll see the end sooner than 10 years cause I’m sure many of the fans and most importantly the author himself may not live that long.


I’m burning to read some more of my favorite Jon Snow and Arya Stark chapters!

Wheel of Time #13 – Towers of Midnight is OUT!

November 4th, 2010 No comments

Finally the 13th book of the Wheel of Time series is out. I’ve done a small research and looks like the best place to buy it is here at amazon. The eBook version is delayed for 3 months, probably because of piracy issues and the fact that the publisher makes a lot more from the hardcover sales. The fun thing about this is that the eBook was originally planed to be published a year(!!!) after the hardcover publication date but Brandon Sanderson talked to Harriet (Robert Jordan’s wife) and somehow convinced here to lower this time to the 3 months we have now :)

And regarding the piracy issues. Surely delaying the eBook publication date will delay the day the book will appear on pirate torrent sites. But someone will eventually scan it and upload somewhere. My guess is it’ll take them a week or two at most. However the audio-book version is already available on some pirate sites and reading the comments there made me laugh aloud. One would expect those “pirates” to be some outlaw  people who’re just looking for free book version. Well it turned out that most of them are hardcore fans who have already ordered/preordered the book and just can’t wait till it reaches them :D

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Towers of Midnight chapter 2 released!

October 20th, 2010 No comments

Tor has released chapter 2 of ToM today! It’s available on Tor’s website in audio-book format here. Prior to this Tor has released chapters 1, 8 and the prologue of Towers of Midnight. Now all we have to wait for is the release of the book on November 2.

You can preorder the book on amazon but there’s also a way to get the book numbered and signed by Brandon Sanderson even if you’re living not in US. See my post here for more details.

Chapter 2 of Towers of Midnight may be released this week

October 19th, 2010 No comments

Brandon Sanderson has posted on his blog that he believes chapter 2 of Towers of Midnight will be released during this week.

I believe that will also be releasing chapter two, possibly this week.

Chapter 1, 8 and prologue of the book are released for more than 15 days already.

Wheel of Time book #13 Towers of Midnight will be released on November 2. For preordering options see my previous post here or go ahead and buy it from amazon. :)

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Chapter 2 of WOT: the Gathering Storm is out!

September 30th, 2009 No comments

Chapter 2 of “Wheel of Time: the Gathering Storm” is out in audio format. It’s located on Tor’s website and requires a free registration. Here’s a direct link. Tor claims that they have released the chapter to “say thank you” to all the fans but I guess this is more of a marketing move than a “thank you” saying :) Well anyway though this is a marketing move this is one of those rare occasions when marketing interests match the desires of fans. Read more…

The Wheel of Time News on the Gathering Storm

September 28th, 2009 2 comments

The long awaited twelfth book named “the Gathering Storm” is going to be out for sale on October 27th. For now you can read the free and publicly available first chapter of the book located on the publisher’s website. The prologue is available for sale as usual for “Wheel of Time” series books. Read more…