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Release Date for A Memory of Light has been Announced

Tor has announced the final publication date for “A Memory of Light” the last book of Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” cycle. The book is going to be released on January 8, 2013. As the previous 2 books of the series this one as well is completed by Brandon Sanderson based on notes/texts and audio recordings left by Robert Jordan himself. Much of this final book was written by Robert Jordan himself during his final days.

The 2013 January publication comes as a little bit of surprise to many of the fans waiting for the book cause most of us expected it to be released this year’s fall. But as Brandon explains the stuff here this was a necessary prolongation considering the 360,000-word book which’s first draft was submitted to the publisher for review in the end of December 2011. Also the 360,000-words are 20% more than Harriet, late Robert Jordan’s wife, and the publisher expected the book to be so the publication date needs to be adjusted for them to be able to review/edit the book. According to Brandon January 8th is actually the latest possible publication date of the book – it’s the last month of the year of the Dragon.

Also another thing of note is that Brandon’s sounds a little bit pessimistic about the date. I won’t be surprised if the release is delayed by a small amount of time.

The release of the book on January 8, 2013 will mean that there are 23 years from the publication of the first book to the publication of the final 14th volume.

The book is not yet available for preorder on Amazon but I expect it to appear there shortly. Also for the readers living outside of US – I’m sure Brandon Sanderson will organize selling through Sam Weller’s bookstore  of a small number of signed and numbered books form the first edition. So subscribe to his official blog here and wait for news.

Meanwhile if you haven’t read Mistborn or The Way of Kings by Brandon I strongly recommend them to ease the wait till aMoL’s publishication date.

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